Non Immigrant ED visa

Students signing up for Certificate in Thai Language and Culture will be automatically eligible for continuous one-year visa assistance. To prevent abuse of LICMU visa application support, students will be issued an additional 2 visa support documents throughout the year as follows:

Visa support letter one: 3-month duration

Visa support letter two: 3-month duration

Visa support letter three: 6-month duration

Therefore, students will have to renew their visa twice during the program. This policy is meant to prevent that students apply for a visa without attending class.Thus, LICMU is to monitor class attendance strictly in order to certify that class attendance over the course of the program has been at least 80% on a monthly basis, prior to providing its visa application support. It is important that students contact one of their team members at least three week therefore the expiry date of their Non-Immigrant ED visa. Visa support processing time is between 5-7 working days. Once a letter has been issued, students will be able to apply for an extension of their current Non-Immigrant ED visa, at Chiang Mai Immigration at a fee of Baht 1,900.- per single entry. 

To qualify for initial visa assistance, students must be officially registered and enrolled in a program, and full tuition fees must be paid. For continued visa support 80% of class attandance is required and support must be timely requested. 

Information for students applying outside the Kingdom of Thailand

Students applying for study program via the internet who have not yet entered Thailand, must provide LICMU with the following information:

1. Full name as it appears in your passport

2. Nationality

3. Passport Number

4. Date of Birth

5. Location of Thai Embassy or Consulate where the application will be made(for Non-Immigrant visa)

6. Passport Size photograph (colour scanned) with dimensions   1.5 X 2.0 inches

7. Scanned copy of the passport page containing information of the holder

8. Scanned signature on white paper

9. Criminal Record

On receipt of the above information, LICMU will start seeking approval by the appropriate CMU officials. In the event visa support cannot be approved, LICMU will process a refund, less 7,500.- Thai baht as administration fee. Once approval for visa support is given, such will be notified to the applicant by e-mail. This approval document, along with other papers and the fee, has to be submitted to the the relevant Embrassy of Thailand.

Information for students applying inside the Kingdom of Thailand

Students who have registered in person at the Language Institute and requesting visa support, and who are already in possession of one of the following visas: Non-Immigrant 'B' (business), ED or 'O' (other) status, can or either apply for an extension of this visa or apply for a category change, at the Immigration Office in Chiang Mai. At any rate, once the tuition fees is paid, LICMU will request for this information.

For students who have entered Thailand on a tourist visa, a visa application has to be made at one of the Thai Embassies outside the Kingdom of Thailand. The most popular locations are presently Vientiane, Laos. It is relevant to provide the LICMU with such information.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of International Office, LICMU directly for further assistance.