Introduction to Beginner Thai

This course is taught by some of the most recognized and popular Thai language instructors in Chiang Mai. This course aims to provide a short intensive language course to participants new to the language. Participants will learn 3 hours per day for the course of 15 days. This course is perfect for those who are either travelling in Thailand and want to pick up the basic survival words and phrases or for beginners who want to improve their pronunciation and intonations. 

The course book which has been carefully designed by lecturers from Chiang Mai University has lessons which are designed to be practical in everyday life usage. The book has been broken down into 15 chapters/lessons - each day a students will complete one chapter; chapters include: greetings, places and directions, activities, numbers, food and drink, days and months, period of time, families and relationships, occupation, fruit and vegetables, feelings, colours, parts of the body and transportation. As you progress through each chapter, you will grow more and more confident when speaking Thai. As this course only focuses on speaking and listening skills only, gy the end of the course, we guarantee that your pronunciation will be clear and concise and that your listening skills will be sharper. 

To compliment each lesson, students will also learn about Thai culture, as our instructors will aim to provide some basic foundation and knowledge about: Buddhism, the Wai, social etiquette and other important aspects regarding Thai culture. 

Our beginner Thai language classes are a stepping-stone in learning Thai.