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  Learn Thai with professional and experienced instructors at Chiang Mai University. Located at the base of one of Chiang Mai's most famous temples known locally as Doi Suthep.

Chiang Mai University provides the ideal setting for you to begin your voyage into learning Thai and developing your understanding about its beautiful culture. Students will be enrolled at the Language Institute Chiang Mai University's modern, multipurpose language training facility.

Our 1-Year Thai Language and Culture course offers students a unique perspective of being able to learn a language as well as being able to develop an understanding about Thai culture concurrently. We use an activity based learning approach which reinforces language acquisition. Our dedicated team of experience instructors will guide you and ensure that you maximize your usage of Thai language.

In addition to our certificate in Thai Language and Culture program, we offer our introductory 15-day Survival Thai courses, aimed at developing and improving accuracy when speaking in Thai - this focus has a strict emphasis on speaking and listening skills only.  

For westerners learning the language it is convenient to use Romanized Thai at the beginner (also known as 'transliteration'), but it should be noted that this method is no more than a learning aid. There are a number of different systems of Romanizing Thai, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The ones used in the Communicative Beginner Courses should only be used as an approximation representation to the Thai sound. The most effective strategy is to learn pronunciation from recording and to memorize Thai script spellings rather than Romanized spellings. We start using Thai scripts on day one of the Certificate in Thai courses. Treat Romanization system as a crutch and aim to discard it as quickly as possible.

All our courses have been approved by the Board of Directors, Language Institute Chiang Mai University. We welcome any prospective applicant to come and sample our program before enrolling. 


Palida Chanthinok


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