Sujeera Sittisart ( Kruu Aom )

Kruu Aom has been a member of Chiang Mai University Language Institute's Thai language teaching team since 2006 where she helped to develop the 45-hour Conversation class for the Centre for Thai Studies, Chiang Mai University. Kruu Aom, has been highly commended by her students for the quality she brings to the Communicative Thai courses which assists her students to improve their pronunciation skills rapidly through her unique approach. Kruu Aom has sinced developed an e-learning software which has been designed to compliment in class learning, this was developed during her MA thesis at Chiang Mai University.

Sompop Yawichai ( Kruu Dtum )

Kruu Dtum joins Centre for Thai Studies, Chiang Mai University from his previous position at Chiang Mai Thai Language Centre in the old city. Kruu Dtum has been teaching with Chiang Mai University since January 2009 where he worked alongside Kruu Aom to develop the Beginner 2 conversational Thai language program. Kruu Dtum also teaches the 1-Year Thai Language Program and has helped to designed effective reading and writing activities to assist students familarize themselves with the Thai writing system. Kruu Dtum is also the Centre for Thai Studies private language specialists and has worked with a variety of dignatries from Embassies across Thailand. Outside of the classroom, Kruu Dtum enjoys jogging and nature walks, and has lead groups of foreign students in various extra curricular excursions across Northern Thailand.